Reconstruction of Neptune

French company Dassault Systemes designed “Operation Neptune” in virtual reality. This operation is better known as the Normandy invasion, which took place in the summer of 1944 in the north-western coast of France.

Developers recreated artificial harbor “Mulberry”, landing craft, Waco glider and other equipment. It is noted that the finished model can be seen on a conventional computer screen as well as in Oculus Rift. According to representatives of Dassault Systemes, a VR helmet suited for this purpose best of all, because with it they can see all details and objects, plus 3D effect is available.

Earlier this month it was announced that the armed forces of Norway started using Oculus Rift in armor management. Thanks to virtual reality headset, the driver can see everything that is happening around the vehicle, which allows him to operate more efficiently.