Russia and Ukraine Can’t Buy Oculus DK2

Recently Russia and Ukraine were excluded from the list of countries the customers of which could pre-order a new version of the Oculus Rift DK2 prototype. Although there is no clear official explanation at the moment, the reason is evident. The problem concerns the disputed territories, namely the Crimea.

After an illegal occupation and annexation Russia considers the peninsula to be a part of its territory while an overwhelming majority of civilized countries doesn’t recognize the fact of such incorporation. This misunderstanding makes some difficulties during the delivery of goods.

There is also another reason not directly connected with political affairs. A percentage of disappeared deliveries of Oculus DK1 in Russia and Ukraine is unbelievably high – about 50%. It seems that Oculus has found the easiest possible decision. They simply refused to send orders neither to Russia nor to Ukraine.

All other CIS countries have not suffered, they are available on the Oculus VR website. We sincerely hope that the problem will be solved in time but what if the ban remains valid? In this case it should be noted that DK2 is the second version of prototype, we wouldn’t be deprived of the customer version after all. Those people who wanted to test DK2 this year have to save extra money because presently the resellers in Russia quote $1000 for an old DK1 and the announced ban pushed the prices even higher. So two options exist: either to save money or to look for friends in more stable countries.