Samsung and Oculus VR: What’s Next?

In a few weeks’ time Samsung is highly likely to release its own virtual reality headset which will be compatible with its Samsung Galaxy S4. The product will be demonstrated both in Berlin and New York. A lot of people believe that this headset is much less complicated and advanced comparing to Oculus Rift alternative and, therefore, provides less unique gaming experience. Still, this is quite competitive product on the VR market and there is almost no doubt it will find its customers soon enough.

Apparently, Samsung longs to grasp a moment of brisk demand for the products of the virtual reality category which can be seen in recent months and several years, since VR itself became a much discussed topic in the mainstream. Moreover, Samsung’s product has an advantage of not causing nausea. So far, VR developers were making constant but ineffective attempts to create a headset which will not make gamers feel nausea almost immediately after putting it on.

Quite on the contrary, Oculus VR seems to develop everything thoroughly before releasing the product into the market. It enjoys an advantage of being considered the most innovative (and, therefore, with the brightest prospects to succeed) startup in the industry, much liked and respected by gamers. Moreover, it provides a full 3D VR experience and development kits, which the company had already started delivering to the first customers. Samsung, in turn, offers 3D experience with no kits available. So, when it comes to experience, Oculus Rift undoubtedly wins.

Although Samsung is going to release its headset within literally a month, this can hardly be considered as a great advantage. The moment Oculus Rift is in the market it is most likely fot it to quickly catch up. Besides, with owner as powerful as Facebook, a lot of opportunities open. So, it seems that Samsung plans to enjoy the first fruits of its quick development for an uncertain period, while Oculus VR takes its time in preparing its own product.

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