Is Samsung Getting Ambitious about Conquering its share of Virtual Reality Market?

Currently the main players of the virtual reality market are Oculus VR and Sony. Oculus VR develops Oculus Rift headset for personal computers, while Sony works upon Project Morpheus for its PlayStation. Recently this community was joined by Google with its Cardboard for Android. Now a new player begins its own way to this area.

As a matter of fact, Samsung has already established close cooperation with Oculus VR. The companies created a joint venture, aimed at developing virtual reality accessories for Samsung smartphones. Actually this is much the same what Google is aiming at with its Cardboard with the exception that Oculus and Samsung plan to use steadier materials.The first source, which revealed the fact of this cooperation, was Engadget.

Oculus and Samsung have a division of labor: Oculus works on the software while Samsung develops hardware. The ultimate goal is to present Samsung smartphones’ owners with the opportunity to be able to directly connect to virtual reality via their smartphones.

No doubt, the cooperation is mutually bebeficial. Samsung will gain access to Oculus’ software sooner than its competitors. Oculus, in turn, receives access to OLED screens, which are vitally necessary for further successful development of virtual reality headsets. What results the companies had achieved will become clear at IFA trade show, which is supposed to take place already in September this year in Berlin. (By the way, Samsung plans to present its newly developed Galaxy Note 4 tablet to the public eye in this event as well).

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