Samsung Is Going to Unveil Its VR Headset in September

It seems that Oculus will have to deal with a new competitor soon. The Verge, an Internet tech resourse, did its best to drop the curtain of secrecy covering the “Project Moonlight” – a code name for Samsung’s independent VR search. The Verge reports Samsung plans to introduce its VR helmet to the public on September, 3, together with the release of Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. These events will be held simultaneously at the Berlin IFA trade show and Manhattan, New York.

The Project Moonlight in many ways resembles the similar development from Google – a cardboard VR helmet that can be made domestically. It was released in June this year. Samsung’s product has a focus dial and is supposed to be connected to the phone using a Micro USB port. The device is reported to use an upcoming Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

Another question concerns a game controller. The photos provided by The Verge clearly show it connected to a special bracket. But it is still not clear whether it will be supplied with the headset or the consumers will have to by it separately.

According to the Endgadget estimates, Project Moonlight will not be a dangerous competitor for Oculus Rift because Oculus VR, a parent company, is deeply involved in developing the software for Samsung’s VR helmet.

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