Seeing a Future House Virtually Is Now Possible

It’s usually quite difficult for most people to fancy how different objects, for example houses, can look like if they are not yet built. Still, they want to be able to, especially if they are paying for building it. So, architects and designers are doing their best in order to create the most realistic projects and small embodiments of what will come out in the end.

Avant, a new and promising startup, offers its own solution. It suggests that with the help of Oculus Rift headset customers can view a virtual model of their future home. Besides, the cost of doing it, is just ridiculous – the price of VR headset is $350. The company is sure that such technology will allow people viewing any type of property – no matter whether it is an office, a flat or a two-storied house.

Frank Elge, Avant’s CEO and cofounder, believes in the brightest future for the idea. “This is the future of sales,” he says. He explains that Oculus Rift will provide overall perspective of the building, allowing a person to assess its every corner.

Greg Orquera, the company’s cofounder and CFO, believes that “This is a tool for real estate professionals or anyone marketing new residential developments.”

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