The Battle of Endor Is Made for Oculus Rift

James Clement, an independent developer, has created an application for Oculus Rift simulating the Battle of Endor from the Star Wars series. What’s interesting, he has managed to do the whole job using Unity 3D and Development Kit 1 that has limited possibilities unlike the recently released Dev Kit 2.

The author made his version available for downloading, nevertheless admitting the version needs to be considerably improved. At the same time he posted a 13 minute fragment of the game to his channel in YouTube. The excerpt shows James Clement as a pilot of X-Wing combating against a Star Destroyer and after exploring the Death Star inside.

Presently Clement works on a project featuring a famous Millennium Falcon aiming at making some battles in the end of the game.

In spite of how amazing and breathtaking the Clement’s creations may be, the developer’s activity contradicts to basic copywright of both Lucasfilm and Disney. So far, there was no official reaction from their representatives but we dare assume that in the nearest future these companies will do their best to make Clement follow a legal path.


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