Turn Your Phone into Oculus Rift with Google Cardboard VR Glasses

Finally it happened! At last Rift has received a really worthy competitor! Be off with Sony Morpheus, ANTVR and all other rubbish of that kind! Google has introduced a VR headset made out of ordinary cardboard. Every Android smartphone can easily use it. You can construct the helmet with the simplest materials like magnets, lenses, Velcro and rubber band. Oh, and cardboard, of course.

The idea was put forward by Damien Henry and David Coz, Google employees working in France. The inventors claim they helped other developers receive a cheap prototype of Rift without spending much money on expensive devices.

A 188MB Cardboard application that can be installed on any smartphone under Android 4.1 and later was created. After installation you place the phone inside the Cardboard helmet, fix it with Velcro tabs and an NFC tag launches the app automatically.

The lenses allow you to enjoy stereoscopic images in motion. The sensors of the phone coordinate the head moves with virtual animation. Two magnets connected with the magnetometer inside the phone perform the functions of button when touching things.

The Cardboard VR is compatible with some demo apps like a VR-enabled Street View demo, a Google Earth flyover, and a 360-degree video viewer. On Wednesday a software VR Toolkit was even released to prompt developers create VR content of their own.

That’s it… A homemade VR helmet… God save Oculus!!!

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