Valve Employee Joins Oculus VR

It seems that anyone can no longer be surprised with an excellency of Oculus’ team. More and more talented developers are joining the company. Among its newly joined employees is Jason Holtman, former director of business development at Valve. His area of responsibility at Oculus VR is defined as Head of Platform. His main tasks will be managing Oculus’ business development as well as cooperation with technical departments in order to create “a focus on building the world’s best developer and player VR ecosystem.”

When speaking about Holtman’s previous employment history, it’s necessary to say that he was working at Steam project for Valve and contributed much to making it one of the most successful games’ platforms. After that, he joined Microsoft for a short time in order to work upon improving the Windows game platform and in January 2014 he quitted.

“I’m humbled to become a part of this team,” Holtman himself said about joining Oculus VR. “I’m not one of the pioneering scientists or engineers in virtual reality, but I am one of the people that can’t stop grinning every time I see something new inside the headset, and I’m looking forward to helping shape the transformative experiences that inspire the next generation of developers.”

Well, it will definitely be only welcomed by Oculus’ numerous fans if the team of this company will absorb more and more such people, who, as a matter of fact, can help to revolutionize the computer game industry and virtual reality itself.

We had reported earlier about another famous developers joining Oculus VR. Let’s now see through the list of some of them: Neil Konzen, Matt Alderman and Aaron Nicholls, former Valve engineers; Seneca Menard, former id Software technician; David Moore, former RAD engineer; Adrian Wong, former Google Glass engineer; Paul Pedriana, former EA engineer and many, many other talented developers, who now become part of this amazing company.