Valve Has Presented Its Virtual Reality Headset

No matter how hard Valve tries to convince others that it is not going to produce its own virtual reality headset, but, instead, it will support Oculus VR, it seems that it is not so. Valve VR headset exists.

This headset was demonstrated at a closed meeting for the elite video game developers dedicated to virtual reality, which was held in Boston. Apart from the headset itself, the participants of the meeting also showed some interesting demo presentations.

For example, one of the demo allows players seeing the playing field of Dota 2, as if it is located right in front of them. Valve developers assure that at the moment they are working on the software, which will allow the players to plunge into the virtual reality and see everything for themselves.

The headset itself, even though it looks pretty ridiculous, provides a really high quality, according to the assurances of witnesses who managed to test it. It has no delays, high frame rate and nearly perfect tracking of the user’s head position in space. On the outside the headset is covered with large white dots, so that the camera can capture the slightest movement of the headset with their help.

Once a person removes the headset, he feels slight disorientation in space, as the feelings of virtual reality are so strong that the brain quickly begins to perceive them as reality. Something like that was experienced by users of Oculus Rift, but certainly not to the extent of a Valve headset.

Meanwhile, no one except Valve management knows when the headset will be officially presented to the general public, and when it will become available to the ordinary consumer. After all, the headset does not even have a name.