Virtual Reality Can Make Gamers Fit

Plunging into virtual reality is a great way to spend one’s time, but while doing this, gamers remain passive in a physical sense. Computer video games along with Oculus Rift headset will provide unforgettable experience for every true fan. Even now, while this headset is not yet available on the mass market, gamers become fully absorbed with their video games. Needless to say, to which extent this absorption will increase, when Oculus will finally be released. So, no wonder, that many in the industry are warning of the danger to gamers, when it would be immensely difficult for them to return into the real world and to distinguish the reality from the virtual reality. There are even some radical suggestions that people will become all lazy and will no longer work, so global crisis will hit the planet.

For now, the problem with existing computer video games is that many gamers forget even to eat or sleep because of spending too much time thinking over the new strategies or making new plans to conquer virtual terrains. Scientists from one of the American universities researched that some video games are harmful to children in the sense of developing inclinations to the unhealthy food and passive lifestyle. Also, an interesting coincidence was found out. Nearly one hundred websites, which offer such video games, have ads which promote unhealthy food (in particular, with high sugar and fat percentage). These ads made a dramatic influence over gamers’ eating habits and lifestyles, making them more inactive and unhealthy. In this context, virtual reality, which offers much bigger immersion, can just deepen the problem.

One of the solutions to the problem may be Virtuix Omni treadmill, which is used for even bigger immersion in virtual reality games. The device monitors gamer’s movements and enables him to perform different movements (running, jumping, walking) and is promoting much more active lifestyle, which is undoubtedly better than just sitting still in front of a computer. So, this could be a really healthy alternative. It is also encouraging to find out that many in the industry (for example, Maveron, Tekton Ventures) are actively investing into the further development of the project. Maybe the development will appear on the mass market in the more or less near future. Although, as it often happens, there are adversaries of the device as well, who think that Virtuix Omni will only encourage strange behavior among gamers.

However, it is more likely that Virtuix Omni treadmill along with Oculus headset will contribute much into making gamers fit. Besides, this combination may be very useful in other fields like medicine, space research, etc. It is no longer a revelation that gaming helps improving professional skills. In moderate quantities such technology helps improving emotional affairs. So, perhaps, one day people will use it as some kind of treatment as well.