Vrelia – A Spanish Virtual Reality Headset

Spanish developers joined the race of creating a prototype of virtual reality headsets. Their version is called Slam Vrelia and is in fact almost a copy of Oculus Rift headset – both in design and in technical characteristics.

Vrelia prototype repeats parameters of Oculus prototype (1280×800). Also, Vrelia developers plan to release the HD version as well as a version for professionals in full HD resolution.

The developers have positioned themselves as a team of ambitious young engineers and artists who are passionate about virtual reality and are ready to develop and improve this technology. They released their own SDK for their headset and plan to support the authors of games and modifications.

However, unlike the Oculus Rift, Vrelia is positioned as a device with a broader functionality. Apart from the games mobile platforms and movies will be involved. Three versions of VRELIA are supposed to be launched – mobile, general and professional.