What Is Being Hidden in a Secret Chamber in Irvine?

It is supposed by many that Oculus VR has a new version of Oculus Rift in a secret room in its headquarters in Irvine, near Los Angeles. The first man who had mentioned it was Chris Dixon from Andressen Horowitz (the latter is Oculus VR investor), who said that version of Oculus Rift from the room is more powerful and produces even more of an experience than Crystal Cove and DK2 versions, which were presented to the public.

Dixon believes that “Crystal Cove is worth 50% of a sample in Los Angeles. Crystal Cove is impressive, but it is still clear that you are in an animated game environment, which doesn’t come very close to reality. But what they have stored in the secret room can approach a reality very closely. You walk into the room. It’s a special one. With advanced headset. While testing, you get to the level of immersion, which almost all users recognize as realistic”.

Chris also believes that Mark Zuckerberg bought the company after seeing this secret room (it is obvious that Mark tested other versions of Oculus Rift as well). When Oculus VR representative was asked about the “mythical room” he was not so eloquent. Although he did confirmed that the demo version in “secret room” gives photorealistic experience, which even people, who are sensitive to motion, do not “feel”.

The test sample is placed in a separate room, because it requires massive computing power. The headset is connected to a huge server. Oculus VR hopes that they will be able to break it down into smaller units that can be sold.

Games are just the beginning. “There’s going to be a million different applications in the military, police, fire protection”, says Dixon.