ZeniMax and idSoftware Want a Trial01

Earlier in May game developer ZeniMax publicly accused Oculus VR of the fact that its former employee, John Carmack, stole intellectual property and as a result it has played a key role in the improvement of the virtual reality headset developed by Oculus VR. It also noted that the Oculus VR illegally employed several of ZeniMax staff, who is possessing confidential knowledge about developments in the field of virtual reality.

ZeniMax and id Software sued to the District Court of Northern Texas against Oculus VR. The latter is accused of misappropriating trade secrets, violation of licensing rights, breach of contract by its employees, unfair competition, unjust enrichment and unlawful use of a trademark.

Oculus VR has made ​​an official statement that the lawsuit has no footage, and intellectual property of ZeniMax is not used in any Oculus VR technology. The company is determined to defend on all these claims.

In turn, ZeniMax believes that it is entitled to rely on the legislative confirmation of incurred losses and cash equivalent compensation, reimbursement of expenses, as well as the imposition of penalties on Oculus VR.